Get One-of-a-Kind Wood Floors

Talk to a flooring contractor about floor scraping services

Do you want wood floors that are truly unique? North Texas Wood Floors offers floor scraping services for homeowners in Dallas, TX. We use hook blades to scrape your floors by hand. You can choose light scraping for a little added character or heavy scraping for an aged, Old-World look.

Hand-scraped floors hide scratches and other signs of wear and tear. Add this service to your wood floor refinishing services. Call 214-232-8231 now to schedule an appointment with a flooring contractor.

Hand-scraped wood floors look better

While you could get wood floors that are scraped by a machine instead of by hand, there's a noticeable difference in quality. Wood scraping machines follow a predictable pattern that looks less natural than hand-scraped wood floors. When you hire our team, we'll tailor our floor scraping services to your preferences.

Choose hand-scraped wood floors for a unique, natural look.

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